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Final Fantasy XIV: How Does That Work For DPS?
17.04.2018, 09:54
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Final Fantasy XIV: How Does That Work For DPS?
How yo max dps threat for eureka/fates? So we're trying to figure out the best way to ensure she gets the best rewards possible. Normally for a DPS the answer is "pile as much damage on the boss as you can", but given the level disparity and the speed with which the NMs die it seems like Eureka trains may be a bit of a special case. See more at -

As a WHM i know to just spam AOE heals when i want to generate a lot of threat fast, but how does that work for DPS? Will Fire 2 or Blizzard 2 generate more Threat than just doing her normal rotation on the NM? Or for DPS does the threat generated by AOE attacks depend on how many enemies are hit by it? Alternately would dumping a bunch of Scathes on the NM work better because of the slightly faster cast time?

▶ Fates/hunts are done as party enmity.
▶ So if the rest of your party do well, you'll do well.
▶ DPS get enmity from their damage. Do more damage.
▶ Tanks get enmity from enmity combos (and damage, but mostly enmity combos).
▶ Healers get lots of enmity from healing (and damage, but mostly healing).

So if you're in a party with a few healers and/or tanks who aren't just doing 1 hit and then standing around (because they figure the rest of the party will get them FFXIV Gil and they do just 1 hit because it's needed to get your party credit), then you should be good to go.

Having a few high-level people in your party will also help get that gold - and while having a big level gap in a party has a penalty for regular mobs, it doesn't seem to have one for the fate monsters, as I've had level 8's in my party, while I'm level 20, and they still get exp on all eureka fates we do (even the higher level fates, because they actually end up with gold, which an all-8 party on a high-level fate would not get).
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