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FFXIV: Practical Housing/Apartment Items
11.04.2018, 08:16
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FFXIV: Practical Housing/Apartment Items
What are some practical housing/apartment items to purchase? ie Summoning bell, useful merchants, armoire, things that do stuff. What should you buy first?

For an apartment, you’re going to have a summoning bell and some vendors nearby outside, so those can maybe hold off a little. I would maybe look at the crystal bell for aesthetician access and an armoire early on. An orchestrion to play lists of favorite music was a priority for me. Crafting stations if you’re still leveling profs, and the cooking one is nice regardless as a stove and oven for a kitchen space.

You can have a couple vendors, out in the open or hidden in furniture as desired. Junkmonger, mender, material supplier, materia melder, are all useful depending on preference and again, what skills you have (melding), or are good with running to the lobby for instead.

The toy box and triple triad boards are fun but can likely be further down the list. Doing a lot of quick ventures on geared up retainers can also help get some of these pieces and other fun furnishings if you’re lucky (it’s actually how my FC got our toybox, someone’s retainer brought one home so we stuck it in the lounge). If you are in need of FFXIV Gil, you can go to FFXIV4Gil.

Side note: You can enable the ability for people on your friends list to teleport to your appt if you like. The option is off by default, but can be enabled in the guest access section of the housing options.

Summoning bell, FC chest, crystal bell, unending journey, toybox, armoire, vendor permits, orchestrion, mailbox, garden plots, maybe some indoor flowerpots. A FC will have a wheel stand and might have crafting facilities for new players (I know private can have crafting facilities too but let's be honest. If you own a house your crafters are already maxed). And it may not be as "practical" but an aquarium is always nice.
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